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Summer School
X1TX20N16Traditional Patchwork & Quilting for BeginnersDawn Cameron-Dick01-05 Aug 2016
X1AR02N16Acrylic Painting: Landscape RealismPaul James01-02 Aug 2016
X1WR09N16First Time Writers Wicked WorkshopJudi Goodwin01-03 Aug 2016
X1AR05N16Chinese Painting on Silk in Meticulous Style: Flower and Bird and Ladies from Bygone AgesKaili Fu01-05 Aug 2016
X1CR22N16Upholstery RestorationDavid James01-05 Aug 2016
X1TX18N16Taking Textiles FurtherJanet Edmonds01-02 Aug 2016
X1TX17N16Stitched Graffiti ArtGina Ferrari01-03 Aug 2016
X1AR07N16Drawing for the TerrifiedRichard Box01-02 Aug 2016
X1AR15N16Pure Watercolours - a Creative Bold ApproachJackie Devereux01-05 Aug 2016
X1AR08N16Dynamic Sketching from a Life ModelVarvara Neiman01-02 Aug 2016
X1CR10N16Honiton LaceElizabeth Trebble01-03 Aug 2016
X1CR11N16Making Stringed Musical InstrumentsBarry Barrett-Mold01-05 Aug 2016
X1CR23N16Wood and Stone CarvingDick Onians01-05 Aug 2016
X1TX14N16Patchwork & Quilting: Free Form PiecingJanice Gunner01-03 Aug 2016
X1AR04N16Chinese Calligraphy - Running ScriptXuzhuang Li01-02 Aug 2016
X1TX06N16Chuck Close Inspired GridsJanet Edmonds03-05 Aug 2016
X1TX01N163D Mixed Media LandscapesJuliette Orton03-05 Aug 2016
X1GI19N16The Chinese Way of Playing Mah JonggXuzhuang Li03-05 Aug 2016
X1AR03N16Animal Art in Acrylics: A Different PerspectivePaul James03-05 Aug 2016
X1AR12N16Painting for the PetrifiedRichard Box03-05 Aug 2016
X1AR13N16Painting like an ImpressionistVarvara Neiman03-05 Aug 2016
X2CR19N16Railway Modellers Summer SchoolChris Langdon07-12 Aug 2016
X2GI03N16Bridge for Total BeginnersJudie Devoy08-09 Aug 2016
X2GI09N16Exploring Medieval MonasteriesRichard Stone08-09 Aug 2016
X2CR20N16Success with Creative Stained and Fused GlassDavid Wasley08-12 Aug 2016
X2CR22N16Upholstery RestorationDavid James08-12 Aug 2016
X2AR01N16Be Creative with CalligraphyJudi Whymark08-10 Aug 2016
X2TX21N16Tapestry Weaving for BeginnersMatty Smith08-09 Aug 2016
X2TX10N16Make an Outfit from a Commercial PatternCarole Webb08-12 Aug 2016
X2AR04N16Chinese Brush Painting for BeginnersWilliam Cai08-09 Aug 2016
X2AR06N16Dip into Bold Expressive Ink and WatercolourJackie Devereux08-12 Aug 2016
X2AR13N16Masterclass in Painting and Drawing 1Richard Box08-09 Aug 2016
X2TX15N16More Tapestry WeavingMatty Smith10-12 Aug 2016
X2GI16N16Mosaic: a Glorious Roman InheritanceRosalind Wates10 Aug 2016
X2AR05N16Chinese Brush Painting – Techniques for Painting Freehand Flowers William Cai10-12 Aug 2016
X2AR14N16Masterclass in Painting and Drawing 2Richard Box10-12 Aug 2016
X2CR11N16Make your own Silver Jewellery with an Emphasis on Tube Stone SettingMachi De Waard11-12 Aug 2016
X2FD07N16Discovery Day Wine TastingChris Scott11 Aug 2016
X2AR02N16Botanical Drawing: Shape, Shine, Shadow and SilhouetteRoger Reynolds11-12 Aug 2016
X3IT10N16Getting to Know your iPadJoan Welch15 Aug 2016
X3AR03N16Botanical Illustration: Using Coloured Pencils to achieve a Flower, Fruit or VegetableJill Winch15 Aug 2016
X3AR17N16Seeing the World through your CameraJohn Maw15-16 Aug 2016
X3CR27N16An Introduction to French Traditional UpholsteryArmand Verdier15-17 Aug 2016
X3GI23N16The Golden Age of Plant HuntingLetta Jones15-16 Aug 2016
X3TX06N16Creative SurfacesLynda Monk15-19 Aug 2016
X3AR05N16Cityscapes in any MediaA. Linnette Bell15-17 Aug 2016
X3WR22N16First Time Writers Wicked WorkshopJudi Goodwin15-17 Aug 2016
X3SF21N16Tai ChiSteve Gorwits15-19 Aug 2016
X3AR04N16Botanical Painting: Flowers and Bugs in WatercolourRoger Reynolds16-18 Aug 2016
X3AR13N16iPad Art using the Brushes App - made popular by David HockneyNancy Taylor16 Aug 2016
X3TX11N16Handmade Heritage ButtonsJill Carter17 Aug 2016
X3TX07N16Crochet for AllDiana Bensted17-19 Aug 2016
X3GI15N16My Book From Art to Stitch: Following the ProcessJanet Edmonds17 Aug 2016
X3AR12N16Improve your Photos (using Photoshop Elements)John Maw17-18 Aug 2016
X3TX18N16Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Hollyhocks in a Herbaceous BorderMarilyn Pipe18 Aug 2016
X3PA26N16Songs from the ShowsElizabeth Nash18 Aug 2016
X4CR09N16Framing for TextilesA. Linnette Bell22-24 Aug 2016
X4GI07N16Develop your BridgeJudie Devoy22-23 Aug 2016
X4GI11N16GraphologyElaine Quigley22 Aug 2016
X4CR10N16French Beaded FuchsiaKatie Dean22 Aug 2016
X4TX20N16Sea Fever - Mixed Media TextilesAngie Hughes22-26 Aug 2016
X4CR02N16An Introduction to French Traditional UpholsteryArmand Verdier22-24 Aug 2016
X4AR06N16Botanical Illustration: Painting Flowers, Fruits or Vegetables with Watercolour, a Step-by-Step GuideJill Winch22 Aug 2016
X4TX01N16An Introduction to FeltmakingHilary Charlesworth22 Aug 2016
X4TX04N16Batik - Expect the Unexpected!Angela Lenman22-24 Aug 2016
X4AR21N16Sketching with WatercolourJonathan Newey22-24 Aug 2016
X4GF08N16Floristry on a Shoestring!Gill Booker23 Aug 2016
X4AR05N16Botanical Illlustration: The Versatility of Coloured PencilsRoger Reynolds23-25 Aug 2016
X4PA22N16Ukulele for BeginnersZachary Taylor24-25 Aug 2016
X4CR12N16Knitting: How to Achieve the Wow Factor!Jane Crowfoot24-26 Aug 2016
X4AR19N16Portrait Painting in OilsPeter Keegan24-26 Aug 2016
X4GI24N16Winning Tips: Bridge for the ImproverJudie Devoy24-25 Aug 2016
X4AR03N16Animal Portraits with Watercolour PencilJonathan Newey25-26 Aug 2016
X4IT17N16Moving on with your iPadJoan Welch25 Aug 2016
X4CR15N16Make a Mosaic for the HomeRosalind Wates25-26 Aug 2016
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