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Summer School
X2CR21N15Upholstery RestorationDavid James03-07 Aug 2015
X2CR17N15Success with Fused Glass and Silver JewelleryDavid Wasley03-07 Aug 2015
X2TX06N15Creative SurfacesLynda Monk03-07 Aug 2015
X2AR09N15Exploring the Wonders of Pure Loose Contemporary WatercoloursJackie Devereux03-07 Aug 2015
X2AR14N15Moving Figures in WatercolourVarvara Neiman03-04 Aug 2015
X2CR10N15Honiton LaceElizabeth Trebble03-05 Aug 2015
X2SF18N15Tai ChiSteve Gorwits03-07 Aug 2015
X2AR05N15Chinese Brush Painting for BeginnersWilliam Cai03-04 Aug 2015
X2IT12N15An Introduction to Macro PhotographyJanine Kilroe03-04 Aug 2015
X2AR15N15Painting Portraits with a Palette KnifeVarvara Neiman05-07 Aug 2015
X2PA16N15Sing Baroque to RockElizabeth Nash05 Aug 2015
X2TX07N15Crochet for BeginnersDiana Bensted05-07 Aug 2015
X2AR04N15Chinese Brush Painting – Techniques for Painting Freehand Flowers William Cai05-07 Aug 2015
X2TX02N15Batik – Challenge Yourself!Angela Lenman06-07 Aug 2015
X2AR22N15Using Coloured Pencil Techniques for FlowersRoger Reynolds06-07 Aug 2015
X2IT11N15iPad Further Tips, Tricks and AppsSusan Ann Mills06 Aug 2015
X2GI19N15Turkish DelightJill Eyers06 Aug 2015
X3CR19N15Railway Modellers Summer SchoolChris Langdon09-14 Aug 2015
X3AR18N15Portrait Drawing in CharcoalPeter Keegan10-11 Aug 2015
X3AR02N15Botanical Flower Painting using WatercolourJill Winch10-12 Aug 2015
X3GI10N15Exploring Medieval Britain through Original SourcesRichard Stone10-11 Aug 2015
X3TX21N15Tapestry Weaving for BeginnersMatty Smith10-11 Aug 2015
X3AR01N15A journey into the Freedom of Contemporary Pure Watercolour PaintingJackie Devereux10-14 Aug 2015
X3CR22N15Wood and Stone CarvingDick Onians10-14 Aug 2015
X3AR20N15Sketching with Watercolour PencilsJonathan Newey10-12 Aug 2015
X3AR08N15Encaustic Wax Painting – refresher course and further techniquesPhil Madley10-11 Aug 2015
X3CR15N15Making Stringed Musical InstrumentsBarry Barrett-Mold10-14 Aug 2015
X3WR11N15First Time Writers Wicked WorkshopJudi Goodwin10-11 Aug 2015
X3AR04N15CalligraphyJudi Whymark12-13 Aug 2015
X3AR16N15Oil Painting for the Complete BeginnerPeter Keegan12-14 Aug 2015
X3AR05N15Chinese Brush Painting – Landscape Painting TechniquesWilliam Cai12-14 Aug 2015
X3WR23N15Writing for Impact and CreativityJudi Goodwin12-14 Aug 2015
X3TX13N15Inspirational Landscapes - a creative journey in fabric and stitchPaula Simpson12-14 Aug 2015
X3GI14N15Jack the RipperElaine Quigley13 Aug 2015
X4CR15N15Picture FramingA. Linnette Bell17-18 Aug 2015
X4GI02N15Bridge - Develop Your BridgeJudie Devoy17-20 Aug 2015
X4AR12N15Painting Flowers in WatercolourMitzie Green17 Aug 2015
X4AR07N15Introduction to Botanical Illustration in WatercolourRoger Reynolds17-19 Aug 2015
X4AR01N15Brush and Sword - Tai Chi, Calligraphy and Brush PaintingQu Lei Lei17-19 Aug 2015
X4CR16N15Silver Jewellery MakingStephen OKeeffe17-21 Aug 2015
X4TX09N15Machine Patchwork & Quilting for BeginnersDawn Cameron-Dick17-21 Aug 2015
X4GI18N15The Wicked History of New YorkMargaret Knight17-18 Aug 2015
X4AR03N15Drawing for the TerrifiedRichard Box17-18 Aug 2015
X4TX04N15Feltmaking AccessoriesHilary Charlesworth17 Aug 2015
X4TX21N15Textiles - Vanishing WorldsAngie Hughes17-21 Aug 2015
X4AR20N15Using the RAW Converter in Photoshop ElementsJohn Maw17 Aug 2015
X4TX17N15Textile ExtravaganzaHilary Charlesworth18-19 Aug 2015
X4GI06N15GraphologyElaine Quigley18 Aug 2015
X4AR08N15iPad Art Using Brushes 3 App - made popular by David HockneyNancy Taylor19 Aug 2015
X4GI14N15Paris: City of LightsMargaret Knight19-20 Aug 2015
X4AR13N15Painting for the PetrifiedRichard Box19-21 Aug 2015
X4PA19N15Ukulele for ImproversZachary Taylor19-20 Aug 2015
X4AR14N15Painting Flowers in Watercolour - Additional CourseMitzie Green19 Aug 2015
X4CR05N15French Beaded FlowersKatie Dean20-21 Aug 2015
X4AR11N15Out and About with your SketchbookBarry Herniman20-21 Aug 2015
X5TX04N15Stitching Celtic CoastlinesIsobel Moore24-26 Aug 2015
X5CR03N15Make a MosaicRosalind Wates24-26 Aug 2015
X5AR01N15Abstract Values in Landscape PaintingJohn Meaker24-26 Aug 2015
X5AR02N15Acrylics for BeginnersA. Linnette Bell24-26 Aug 2015
X5CR05N15Traditional Willow BasketryJo Hammond24-26 Aug 2015